Introducing Myself

My name is Pamela Alejandra Velasco Pacheco, Bolivian, mother, leader, entrepreneur and proactive. While I started my new life in Switzerland, I decided to build my way with passion.

The first presentation of INMAZ (Incas, Mayas and Aztecs)

I came from the Andean heights surrounded by mountains, La Paz, Bolivia, has been the place of my childhood and adolescence. During my youth I lived in Honduras, visiting all of Central America. I have been able to travel through most of Latin America, tasting its cultural and culinary customs and making great friendships and family.

I have had the opportunity to know and live in Europe, today with permanent residence in Switzerland. Every day I wake up and find myself surrounded by the mountains of the Alps, with the traditional dairy flavors, customs, and diversity in their regions, bringing me back to my native country.

As time goes by, I can analyze that human contact, daily stories and experiences bring us closer, and we are not so different as we usually think. We have to create bridges that can make us know each other and understand our ideas, histories, and cultures.

Why did I start this blog?

  • I want to connect my personal essence with my new venture.
  • I aspire to communicate the different stories of the vulnerable groups that INMAZ works with.
  • Likewise, I can show the art pieces of each vulnerable group so that they are for sale and the reader is encouraged to find meaning in their experience.
  • I desire to generate a circular economy between both regions.
  • I want to interact with each reader, learn together, and connect them with our artists.
  • Furthermore, I pursue to empower the artists in new fairer terms of a cultural relationship.


I believe in infusing cultures and stories into an artistic piece


Connecting cultures through meaningful products with a story behind


I decide to become a bridge between Latin America and Europe (starting in Switzerland)

Come with me through this blog and discover the magical experience of INMAZ (Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs).

The pieces of art will be ready for sale from March 2022, for instance, we will start to publish the histories of our artists.

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